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Rehabilitation and Neurorehabilitation

Post Trauma

The central objective of rehabilitation is the person and, consequently, the people who live with them, active components that contribute to the determination of personality (for example the family).

In the case of children, the teaching staff of the school attended are also involved, because in fact they represent an important and integral part of their life and their growth process.

The rehabilitations and the treatments include various aspects, deriving from the data and results obtained through the Assessment , and can be directed towards cases of SLD (Specific Learning Disorders), ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity) or other types of problems that have emerged from the clinical evaluations carried out.

In addition, rehabilitations and cognitive stimulations are carried out within the structure after cerebral accident (stroke, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, aneurysm) and after awakening in a comatose state. The rehabilitation plans are planned thanks to the use of specific software and dedicated platforms, recognized at a scientific level. The development and the programming itself are built ad hoc based on the individual pathology and the compromised brain areas.

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