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The use of the term "Anxiety" is now used very often to indicate a strong emotion that involves discomfort, in reality Anxiety is the manifestation of multiple reactions (cognitive, physical and behavioral) towards a stimulus that our mind perceives and records as threatening, dangerous, to which a reaction seems difficult. It is also true that Anxiety is a very important emotion which has had the opportunity to develop through the evolution of man, generating an organ in the brain responsible for it, the amygdala.


Anxiety can cause secondary reactions and behaviors at different levels:

• physical: tremor, sweating, increased heart rate, agitation, tachycardia, nausea, tension, dizziness, tingling, depersonalization and derelization, chest pain, shortness of breath.

• cognitive: increase in the level of aurosal (state of alert, as the danger seems to intensify), sense of mental emptiness, increase in memories and negative thoughts, feelings of being observed.

• behavioral: hyperactivity, seeking reassurance in others, escape routes, avoiding the situation considered dangerous.

Very often, those who feel this emotion very strongly also establish a vicious circle directly linked to the fear of feeling anxiety, or experiencing the evolution of the anxiety attack (panic attack), this subsequently becomes isolation making the person closed. within its more familiar walls.


The most known disorders related to anxiety are some: specific phobia (spiders, mice, ...), panic disorder, agoraphobia (fear of being in crowded spaces), obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia (fear of doing actions in front of others , receiving negative judgments), post-traumatic stress disorder (following a highly stressful and traumatic event that one experienced directly or as a witness), generalized anxiety disorder (constant state of anxiety).

The psychologist helps to manage symptoms, to recognize the emotion of anxiety and to manage it appropriately, therapy related to anxiety disorder, in particular the therapy cognitive-behavioral , is the most applied with very high efficacy indices and percentages, the same scientific community considers it the first choice therapy.

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