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Online SLD rehabilitations

Rated 4.75 out of 5


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Product Description

10 accesses to our online rehabilitation portal.

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    4 reviews for Riabilitazioni per DSA online

    • student 2001

      7 June 2013 at 12:14 pm

      5 out of 5

      I was very happy that I took courage to go to Dr De Mori's studio, now I have started my psychological journey and I am already seeing the results, Thanks !.


    • Dan

      7 June 2013 at 12:41 pm

      4 out of 5

      It was the first time I entered a psychologist's office and they welcomed me with kindness and professionalism.
      All very good, Thanks.


    • Ryan

      7 June 2013 at 1:26 pm

      5 out of 5

      Dr Letizia immediately put me at ease!
      I recommend to everyone!


    • Gerhard

      8 June 2013 at 9:37 am

      5 out of 5

      Great approach!


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